Max, Mouse and the Doll’s House

Max is a little boy who loves to stay at his Nani’s house and play with the doll’s house, which his Nani played with as a child.

Little did Max know that when he went to sleep that night, the doll’s house would come to life.

Max learns that the cellar door of the doll’s house leads to the jungle and that Charlie, the chimpanzee, has lost his parents and sister at the chimpanzees’ tea party.

Max and Mouse agree to help him go back to the jungle to find his family and with the help of Seb, the snake; Ollie, the elephant; and Edward, the eagle, they embark on a dangerous jungle adventure to find Charlie’s family.

Together, they must look after each other, as the jungle can be a scary place.

Can they reunite Charlie with his parents and sister? Can Max and Mouse return safely to the doll’s house, or is it all a dream?

Chapter Book / Fiction
Written by Christine Johnson
Published by Austin Macauley Publishers

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